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iROBOT has three parts. I am currently working on part 3. I wanted to publish the story page by page, but I believe that by doing it that way, it will be difficult to follow, and loose the dynamic I am hoping on it.

For that reason I decided to present it in three consecutive parts. I hope that you like it.

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In 1967 the Soviet Union was the first country to send a man to the Moon. This operation was kept secret


During the next years, the strongest men from the Siberian stepe and Mongolia were trained to create an special group of cosmonauts, called “Cosmoflot”, designed to explore the deepest regions of Space.


After the Cold War, information was systematically destroyed, and these cosmonauts were forgotten in Space.

This is the case of Cosmonaut Koverchenko, that now fights for his survival in an unknow planet, looking for the way back home.